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Tax Saving Professionals offers advanced tax saving strategies for business, medical and dental professionals seeking to keep more of what they earn by highlighting powerful solutions to build and preserve their wealth.

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We understand that navigating the waters of tax savings for business owners can be frustrating. Let us help you keep more of what you earn so that you can spend it doing more of what you love. Want to find out more about how Tax Savings Professionals can help?

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With a deep understanding of the tax code, we cut through the jargon and comb through the statutes to uncover tax saving strategies that ensure our clients' tax obligations are met while maximizing their available income.

We apply years of extensive, in-depth knowledge in specialized areas of the tax code. Once we've analyzed a client's situation and opportunities, we assure their savings will meet or exceed our estimate.

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Our goal is to find solutions that work for you and your family. We start by having a conversation where we’ll ask you questions like whether you are a business owner and what your filing status is. These questions will tell us whether you meet the minimum qualifications for our tax saving strategies.


If you meet the minimum qualifications, we’ll then ask for 2-3 years of personal and business (if applicable) tax returns. Once the information provided has been verified through the second round of qualifications, we will invite you to schedule a personal consultation.


During the personal consultation, you'll be introduced to some of the strategies we use to lower taxes and be provided with a personalized tax savings number you can expect to realize if you use our services. We’ll also provide an overview of our family office services for additional wealth management solutions.


Once you come on board as a client, you will be welcomed into the tax saving professionals family – meeting with one of our experienced tax professionals. During the meeting, we will work with you to develop a comprehensive annual plan for savings and investments.


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"Thoughtful, conscientious, and prepared, that is what I would say of my experience with everyone at TSP. For 30 years, I paid more than “my fair share” in taxes. At one point, I personally paid over $1,000,000 in a single year of tax payments. Today, the lives of my wife, poodle and I are vastly different from 5 years ago. We have access to our assets that we can use for expansion that we have never had, all due to the knowledge and skills of your team."

Erik J. Nuveen, M.D., D.M.D., F.A.A.C.S. Plastic Surgeon, Oklahoma City, OK

"I have found them to be attentive, very savvy, and they saved me a bundle of money this past year. Very trustworthy! Great support staff, who do what they say they will do, with a smile. I highly recommend them to anyone facing a big tax hit. They have programs that are innovative, completely legal, and easy to use. You should not hesitate to call and at least talk to them."

Dr. Stewart Lonky Pulmonologist, Los Angeles, CA

"Tax Saving Professionals has been great, they are very responsive and proactive. We have saved so much money working with them it is incredible. Wish we would have found them sooner!"

Dr. Shellie Reagan Dentist, Spring, TX

"My wife and I have used the tax savings professionals for about 3 years now and could not be happier with all the money we saved and the people there. Everyone has been extremely helpful and professional. We have now begun using their estate / retirement planning services as well, which have also proved to be fantastic. I would not hesitate to refer to my family and friends."

Dr. Angelo Cuzalina Plastic Surgeon, Tulsa, OK

"TSP has really helped revolutionize the way that I think of and look at finances and tax planning. TSP makes certain that I have full integrity and aboveboard documentation so I’m able to take full advantage of the tax law with confidence. When investing in them, I think of investing in a company I can trust. I get peace of mind and then I get to save a lot on my taxes by making sure I don’t let those advantages slip through my fingers. Thanks so much TSP. You’re an awesome company to work with."

Dr. Grant Olson Dentist, Springfield, MO

"I know for a fact that for an average dental practice, if you could increase your productivity or your profits 1% in a year, it’s almost $2M by the time you retire. Tax Saving Professionals can save you 25-30-40 maybe even 50% on your taxes over the life of your arrangement with them. Tax Saving Professionals is one of the people I go to to save money every year and it’s made an incredible difference in our practice and to me personally - my ability to retire when I want to retire. "

Mike Abernathy Dentist, McKinney, TX

Tax Tip #1

It is better to give than receive, especially if you itemize. Under the new tax law, gifts of cash are now deductible up to 60% of adjusted gross income (up from 50%).

Tax Tip #2

Bundling itemized deductions could help you surpass the standard deduction every other year.

Tax Tip #3

Income is taxed in the year it is received. If you are a business owner, consultant or freelancer, you could delay billings until late December to ensure payments in January.

Tax Tip #4

If you anticipate a large net capital gain this year, you might want to sell off some stocks or mutual funds to generate losses before the end of 2018.

Tax Tip #5

Shifting funds into pre-tax retirement plans such as a 401 (k), 403 (b), deductible IRA, SIMPLE IRA or SEP lowers your adjusted gross income and taxable income so you pay less tax.

Tax Tip #6

Do you have airline miles burning a hole in your pocket? If you’re planning on taking both personal and business trips during the year, use the miles for your personal trips and pay for the business trips out of pocket.

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Tax Saving Professionals has found that we best serve clients that fall within certain parameters, including business ownership and income. If you’d like to learn more about the solutions we offer, take our quick assessment and find out if we're a good fit for your unique situation.

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