Accumulated Money

You need an effective plan for setting money aside for the future – one that will allow you to maintain your current lifestyle, but is also consistent with your investment goals, risk tolerance, and the amount of time you have to save. But what is wealth accumulation and how do you develop the right plan for you?

Wealth accumulation is the attempt to build up the value of a portfolio through the reinvestment of profits over the course of your lifetime. It is more than just investment advice as it encompasses all parts of a person’s financial life: financial and investment advice, accounting and tax services, retirement planning, and legal or estate planning. The best wealth accumulation plans take a holistic approach, using a wealth accumulation team that incorporates a variety of financial experts including CPAs, tax attorneys, financial planners, and insurance professionals.

Wealth accumulation focuses on developing a unique, customized strategy and plan focused on the individual’s financial situation, goals, and risk comfort level. The goal of the strategy and plan is to grow wealth while striving to protect and preserve that wealth simultaneously. This is a long-term strategy and plan that requires a commitment from you to see it through.

Creating and growing wealth results from understanding and correctly using the five primary investment categories available to manage your investment portfolio:

  1. Cash and cash equivalents
  2. Bonds
  3. Equities
  4. Real estate
  5. Tangible asset

Understanding how and when to use these five investment categories is essential to accumulating wealth while managing risk. When you understand the categories and implement strategies to protect and preserve your wealth, you have found more of your hidden money to grow into lasting wealth.

Today, people retire earlier and live longer than previous generations. A successful wealth accumulation plan requires asset accumulation paired with strategies that can help ensure your money lasts more than a lifetime.

As you go through the many stages of your life, your ability to set aside money will fluctuate. Fluctuation could be due to changes in your cash available to fund changes in your lifestyle and/or to fund emergencies. Examples of fluctuations could be funding post-secondary education for a child or the desire to purchase a vacation home. These fluctuations must be accounted for and factored into your long-term accumulation strategy.

Tax Saving Professionals engages a comprehensive team of CPAs, tax attorneys, enrolled agents, financial planners, and insurance professionals that work together to develop a wealth accumulation strategy and plan that is unique to your financial situation, goals, and risk comfort level.