Business Checkup

Each year we go to the doctor for a physical to make sure we are healthy and our bodies will sustain us into our golden years. But do you do the same for your business? Just as you need your body to be healthy to sustain you through your golden years,you need your business to be healthy, too – to sustain your income into your golden years and allow you the retirement you wish to enjoy.

Your financial statements provide an abundance of information, but how do you use this information to improve your business? Most businesses do not have the resources they need to conduct a thorough financial analysis on themselves.

In-depth analysis on your company, along with reliable insights on your industry and recommendations for improvements, can help you maximize the cash flow and profitability of your business. This is accomplished by answering questions such as:

  • How do your profit margins compare to others in your industry?
  • What is the maximum growth rate that can be sustained with existing assets?
  • What is your business worth and how can you increase the value?
  • How does your cash management compare to your industry?
  • What is your projected borrowing capacity over the next three years?

A comprehensive financial analysis allows you to easily compare your profit margin to industry trends, determine your sustainable growth rate, and compare the profitability of new sales to historic sales. Paired with actionable insights and recommendations, this analysis will enable you to improve cash flow, benchmark performance, and grow your business.

A business checkup will help you fuel better decisions and identify the effective next steps to take in your business. It will help you focus on and prioritize the actions you need to take now to maximize your business sustainability and value.

At Tax Saving Professionals, our team of financial professionals will assess the overall health of your business each year so that you can find the hidden money in your business, and continue to grow your wealth for generations to come.