Family Wealth Circle

Zig Ziglar once said, “Failing to plan is planning to fail.” There are many pieces to achieving real financial success, but you may want to start by asking yourself a few questions:

1. How can I better improve and grow my wealth?
2. How can I wisely care for my family’s future financial needs?
3. How can I transfer my wealth effectively and efficiently?
4. How can I strategically plan for my future?

These questions all lead to your Family Wealth Circle, which is made up of your lifestyle money, accumulated money, and transferred money.

Your lifestyle money is the money required to maintain your current lifestyle and expenses. Your accumulated money is savings, investments, and instruments that gain value.

Your transferred money refers to taxes, interest, fees, finance charges, and how you purchase large assets. Recipients of your transferred money are governments, banks, and other institutions.

The key to maximizing the success of your Family Wealth Circle is in understanding that it is not a directive of how you should spend your lifestyle money. Rather, it shows you how to help make the most of your accumulated money while minimizing your transferred money through the 8 strategies of financial success: tax savings, financial compounding, risk tolerance, private banking, business checkup, retirement planning, succession planning, and asset distribution.

Family Wealth Circle

Tax Saving Professionals employs a comprehensive team of financial professionals including CPAs, tax attorneys, enrolled agents, financial planners, and insurance professionals that work together to identify your Family Wealth Circle and develop a customized plan to uncover your hidden wealth and grow that wealth for generations to come.