Solutions That Shine

At Tax Saving Professionals, our team of advisors and consultants illuminate our clients' hidden wealth and help to secure their future through comprehensive wealth management solutions, including advanced strategies that have been used by ultra-high net-worth investors for many years.

How We Can Help

Our professionals apply years of extensive, in-depth knowledge in specialized areas of the tax code – parts of the tax code that involve other subject matter experts like:

  • ENGINEERS for the preferred way to depreciate your buildings
  • FINANCIAL ADVISORS for proprietary alternative investments available to accredited investors
  • INSURANCE PROFESSIONALS¬†with products that meet certain risk requirements to protect your business and build and preserve wealth.

These are a few of the things that separate us from CPA firms and tax preparers and allow us to recommend missed, misunderstood, underutilized, and even unknown strategies for our clients.

What We Do
  • Advise you on opportunities to maximize your income
  • Ensure you meet your tax obligations
  • Partner and build a relationship with your CPA firm
  • Help you save up to 50% on your tax filing strategy
What We Don't
  • Bookkeeping or accounting
  • Just prepare and file taxes
  • Replace your CPA

Continuing Dental Education

Dental professionals have invested an enormous amount of time, effort and money to become successful at something they are extremely passionate about - helping people live healthier and happier lives by providing the best possible dental care.

Most dentists, however, face the challenges of student loans, dental practice loans, and loans for new equipment that allow them to take advantage of the latest advances in dentistry. The ability to build wealth and secure a strong financial future can seem out of reach. The thought of retiring at a reasonable age to enjoy life after dentistry can feel like it is being pushed farther and farther away. Our team can help alleviate some of the burden.

Continuing Education Credit

A Proven Way To Pay Less Taxes

At Tax Saving Professionals, we provide a variety of continuing education options to fit your schedule and preferences. Our 1-hour course is approved for continuing education credit and arms dental professionals with knowledge of tax strategies they can use to effectively lower their taxes, ultimately increasing their income which can be used to enhance both their practice and financial future. We are also able to provide a live, in-person non-clinical continuing education program for up to a 4-hour credit. Contact us at for more information.
Tax Saving Professionals is a recognized ADA Continuing Education Provider by the ADA Continuing Education Recognition Program (ADA CERP). ADA CERP is a service of the American Dental Association to assist dental professionals in identifying quality providers of continuing dental education.

Scorecard Strategy

The Tax Saving Professionals team takes a holistic approach to our clients' tax planning and wealth management goals. We start with what we call scorecard strategies. Scorecard strategies are traditional tax deductions that are often underutilized or not used at all. These strategies include a review of items such as healthcare or auto expenses.

"I sought Tax Savings Professionals after the first couple years in business when realizing how much of my income went to taxes. They had come highly recommended by my father, who has worked with the group for ten years plus, and had great success. The customer service and attention to detail are two areas where I think that Tax Savings Professionals really stand out. This service is absolutely invaluable in giving you control over your income, and I plan to work with them indefinitely."

Christina Blatchford Dentist and Dental Business Coach

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