Congress Makes Tax-Advantaged Products More Attractive

A small, largely unnoticed, tax law change included in the 2020 year-end COVID-19 relief bill signed into law by Congress includes a significant change to the tax code. This change could be a windfall for wealthy Americans and business owners who may be considering various life insurance products as a way to shelter assets and

Year End Tax Tips to Consider Right Now

Many businessmen, and their accountants, are still getting used to the sweeping tax law changes introduced in President Trump’s Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) that went into effect in 2018. But it’s never too early to get a jump on tax savings moves you can make now, before year end. After all, it’s always

The $6 Trillion Difference in Tax Policies

There are enormous differences between the two Presidential candidates for Election Day 2020, Trump versus Biden. Perhaps the biggest difference boils down to their very different tax policies. In fact, it amounts to a $6.3 trillion difference over the next decade! President Trump maintains that the biggest achievement in his first term was the 2017

Tax Saving Strategies for a Successful Tomorrow

Recently Tax Savings Professionals had the opportunity to present a roundtable webcast: Current State of Affairs: Strategies for a Successful Tomorrow. Below is an edited transcript of this far ranging conversation about urgent topics many folks are concerned about today. Led by our own Ted Zamerski, CPA/PFS, CFA, CGMA, the conversation also features Brian Shey,

5 Small Changes that Can Add Up to Big Tax Savings

We typically only think about taxes when preparing to pay Uncle Sam. Making small changes to how you look at and approach your finances and taxes throughout the, however, can add up to big savings on your taxes. There are many strategies that can be used, but here are five just to get you started.